Mexicali Fresh – Mexican and gluten-free food heaven!

How could I not have known about Mexicali Fresh until a couple of weeks ago? Why did my gluten-free sources not alert me to this fabulous takeout option?


My work moved out to East Tamaki recently. We’re on the lookout for good lunch spots, and a few of the crew headed to Botany Town Centre and came back raving about Mexicali Fresh. I hopped online and checked out the menu. The online menu is wonderful, and clearly shows which dishes are gluten-free, and as an added bonus, there’s a nutrition sheet online, which goes through item by item, showing not only the gluten-freeness of individual items, but also the nutritional content.

I took myself off to Mexicali Fresh at the next available opportunity and was delighted with what I found. Lovely fresh corn chips, fresh ingredients and a wide variety of options for me! The staff were helpful and friendly and the food was delicious.

I’ll be making Mexicali Fresh a regular lunch stop in future.



The irony of this story? Our old office (where I worked for nearly 6 years) had a Mexicali Fresh within walking distance and I never once went there!


4 thoughts on “Mexicali Fresh – Mexican and gluten-free food heaven!

  1. I have a friend that worked there and said that their products are not 100% gluten free and therefore not safe for Coeliac’s!

  2. My name is Cindy Buell, founder of Mexicali Fresh. We do have 100% gluten free items. Those items would contain the following ingredients: anything made with corn tortillas, chicken, mince, pork, salsas Pico de Gallo, Roja and mango, all veggies and salads. The only three ingredients in our restaurant that are not gluten free are the flour tortillas, 111 Salsa and Barbacoa beef (because of the salsa inglesas we use for flavouring which contains a trace of barley). In addition, all of our staff are well-trained to answer customer questions about gluten-free choices. We make everything fresh in our stores, so we know absolutely the contents of every thing on our menu. By the way, the image of the chicken nachos with Pico de Gallo salsa and sour cream shown in the photo are 100% gluten free.

    • Thanks so much for your very prompt response Cindy. I will happily continue to eat at Mexicali Fresh and hope that you find a new location near Botany Downs very soon! There’s a new shopping centre going in at Highbrook which is even closer to my work! Hint, hint.

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