A fail for the Langham Conference Centre – two years in a row

I was at a recent event at The Langham in Auckland. I was at this same event last year and was pretty scathing about the food available. I emailed them, had no response, but hoped that they would have improved. This year, they had a separate allergy food table, which I suppose was a little bit of an improvement. Here is what they offered us:


So there was no meat, just a couple of salads and some roast vegetables. Most criminal though was that there were NO LABELS. So we had no idea what any of the food actually was. Given that it was a table for those with special dietary needs, this seemed like a real oversight. Now compare this with the food that the “normal” people got to eat:


They had a huge selection of food, and it looked nice, it was hot, and they got to choose from meat dishes, salads, anti pasto and a large variety of items. I ask again: when are conference centres going to realise that they can offer standard food that contains no gluten? And that people who can’t eat gluten aren’t necessarily vegetarians? And that they need good quality labelling on the food for buffets.

When I go back next year, I sincerely hope that the Langham can offer a better lunch. An hotel of its quality should be able to do this.

Just a note, the hors d’oeuvres that we had as part of the cocktail hour did offer a wider range of gluten-free items, although some of the staff often weren’t sure if they actually were gluten-free or not!


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