Gluten-free Store Online pre-mixes

At the recent Gluten-free Food and Allergy Show, I was lucky enough to be given a pile of samples to try by Mike and Liz Jury at the Gluten-free Store. Just as an aside, one of the things I really like about this show is getting to meet people from whom I’ve ordered products. Liz and Mike were lovely. So anyway, I came home with bags of product.

The first thing I tried was the Scone and Pizza Base mix.


This was very quick and easy to make up, with simple instructions.


The base is more of a scone-type base than a yeast based dough, but is very nice and light and tasty. My taste test panel (made up of myself plus three teenagers who are not gluten-intolerant) preferred this base to the normal bought one.


Next up was the Vanilla Cake and Muffin Mix. Again, simple instructions. I took one of the suggestions on the back of the pack and added some craisins to half of the mix. As per the suggestion, I made a dozen muffins.


Because I can’t eat egg yolk, I made this using just egg whites. They came out just fine, but made very large muffins.


For the chocolate muffins, next on the list, I split the mix into eighteen muffin cases, and these were just about right. Again, my taste testers (the whole family this time) loved these muffins. They were light and flavoursome, and very much enjoyed. They did last until the next day, and one of my younger tasters said they weren’t nearly as nice in his lunchbox. Others of my testers heated them in the microwave for a few seconds and said they were JUST as good.


Lastly, we tried out the Ginger Loaf Mix. We’re big fans of ginger loaf in this house, so it was interesting to try out a gluten-free version.

This loaf was consumed while it was still warm.20130611-211429.jpg

Regular readers of this blog will know that I like to make things from scratch. Muffins and ginger loaf and pizza bases are easy to do with the right flours. However, not everyone is prepared, able, or inclined to devote a shelf of their pantry to three or four different flour mixes and flours. For those who want a quick, convenient, tasty alternative, I would highly recommend these pre-mixes.

The cost of these pre-mixes ranges from $4.60-$4.80, which is very reasonable for the quality of the product. One thing to note is that these are based on Gluten-free Made Easy recipes. The method is a little different – the wet ingredients go in first, then the dry. The instructions are for a mixer (of the free-standing bench type) and a hand mixer does not work well with the mixes. They were fine mixed by hand with a wooden spoon however.

These items can be ordered online from the Gluten-free Store. Try them out!


3 thoughts on “Gluten-free Store Online pre-mixes

  1. I bought 2 packets of the Ginger load mix at the show. I used to bake from scratch but have lost my mojo since being gluten free. The first loaf I made strictly according to instruction (well apart from using a ring tin because my loaf tin was thrown out in the initial Gluten Purge due to fear of cross-contamination). I got more adventurous with the second loaf for the sake of my vegan daughter, using rice milk, replacing the egg with a ‘chia seed’ goop, and stirring through chopped walnuts. It was just as tasty as the first loaf, which surprised me after several gluten-free, egg-free,dairy free disasters of my own making. I will definitely buy more and might try it with added

    • I highly recommend going to a Gluten-Free Made Easy course to get your baking mojo back! The trick seems to be in the flours. Check out my blogs page on the Healthy Food Guide online for a review of what we did. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

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