Hell Pizza -excellent service!

We had Hell Pizza for dinner last week, and chose one of their new flavours. I ordered it with a gluten-free base. Five minutes later, the phone rang and it was the local Hell Pizza. They wanted to let me know that the topping for this particular pizza contained gluten, and that although the base and everything else would be gluten-free, the topping wouldn’t. Would I still like to go ahead with my order, or should they change it for something which actually was gluten-free?

Full marks Mt Albert Hell Pizza for excellent customer service, initiative and common sense!


One thought on “Hell Pizza -excellent service!

  1. Brilliant stuff! I always avoid fast food pizza’s even if claiming “GF bases” as I am never convinced that they understand the toppings. When they look at you weirdly for asking if they use GF ham you know they don’t really get it!

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