Abe’s Bagels – gluten-free!


I saw a Facebook ad just before Christmas for Abe’s Gluten-free Bagels, and thought “what a great idea!” So I very cheekily contacted Abe’s and asked if they would be prepared to send me a sample. They very kindly did so and a few days later, several packets of bagels arrived.

I took them home and my tasting panel and I immediately sampled them fresh. As they’re bagels, of course we toasted them. I had one with just butter, and a second with avocado. They were the prefect texture for bagels and the taste was fabulous, even with just butter. My tasting panel shared one bagel and pronounced them yummy, both with butter and jam.

My extra test for any bread-like product is how they are after being frozen. The reason for this is that I am the only gluten-intolerant person in my household, and I can’t go through, for instance, a loaf of bread or a packet of bagels in one sitting. So I freeze everything and just take out what I need. Accordingly, the bagels went into the freezer and I tried one a few days later. I defrosted it a little in the microwave, which is what I would do for a normal bagel, and then toasted it. Exactly the same result – delicious!

Abe’s have worked with Venerdi to produce these bagels, and the product is delicious. In theory, they should be at my local supermarket with the other gluten-free products. I have yet to find them at my Pak n Save, but have yet to check out New World and Countdown. I’ll keep you all posted on where I find them, and perhaps in the meantime, let me know if you come across them somewhere!


7 thoughts on “Abe’s Bagels – gluten-free!

  1. Hi Lisa Rose. Regarding your comment about Abe’s working with Venerdi on this product, does this mean that Venerdi is doing the manufacturing and packing? If so I will definitely try them. The only thing stopping me until now has been the belief that they are made in the same bakery as Abe’s regular bagels. As a Coeliac I try to stick to bakery products from gluten-free premises where possible due to the risks of cross-contamination when dealing with floury powders and glutenacious dough 😦

  2. hi they are sometimes on the shelves at Pak n Save, Northlands, Christchurch. My son (9 years) loves them! He also really enjoys the Freedom breads and buns, and the breads in particular have really good fibre content. I think the brown is the highest I have ever seen, something like 15g fibre per 100g – not many supermarkets stock it though – not sure what the availability is like in the north island either.

    • Hi Traci. Thanks for commenting. The Freedom breads are only in certain supermarkets up here in Auckland too. Great that you find them so good for your boy. Life is getting much easier for the gluten-intolerant!

  3. I agree! I discovered these recently and now keep a pack in the freezer for when I feel like a bagel for my weekend brunch. I’m not much of a carb eater but these are great!! And they are at my local Pak n Save (Northlands, ChCh) in the “normal’ bread aisle with the other bagels 🙂

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