Gluten-free Mexican Food suppliers

My husband is an excellent man in many ways, and one of these is that he is constantly on the lookout for new gluten-free things for me. Near his work, he came across a cafe called Mexican Specialities. As I have been on a quest for gluten-free tortillas for some time, he thought he’d see if they had any. Well, they do! And he bought a stack of about 50 of them for around $13.00. They are good fresh corn tortillas, very similar to the ones they use at Mexicali Fresh or Mad Mex. They do need to be heated, but can be shaped into a taco style shell or used as a soft tortilla for burritos, enchiladas and the like. They freeze well and separate easily.

You can find Mexican Specialities online here where they offer many imported Mexican items (including decorative items and Day of the Dead paraphernalia) or visit them at the cafe:

5/92 Marua Road


Note that they are only open for lunch on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Edited to change the post title, as it sounded like I had found a supplier of gluten-free Mexicans which was not the case at all!


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