Hector’s gluten-free high tea

HectorsContinuing the Gluten-free High Teas of Auckland series…

A number of people had recommended Hector’s to me as a great place for high tea. I had the opportunity to go there just before Christmas, so I set off with very high expectations!

The area where the high tea is served is in the Atrium of the Heritage Hotel – a nicely leafy, light area, so very nice ambiance and lovely and cool on a sweltering summer’s day. Our waitress was a little pushy – there wasn’t much time for us to sit and chat before she was asking for our tea orders. We wanted to wait for our entire party to arrive, but she was so insistent that we all got our teas at different times.

Much like many other high tea establishments now, you can have a second pot of tea for no additional charge. BUT it must be the same kind of tea as you had before. Makes you wonder if they are just re-using the leaves…at Hector’s, the tea list wasn’t extensive, so there wasn’t too much of an issue, but there were two I wanted to try. I wasn’t prepared to pay the extra however!

And what about the food I hear you ask? My platter looked nice and there were plenty of sandwiches. The bread was a little dry, but certainly edible, and the fillings were nice. Oddly, there were French macarons on the normal high teas, but on enquiry, these weren’t gluten-free (and actually weren’t very nice either!). There was a nice selection of little balls made of nuts, plus some fresh fruit as the top layer of the platter.

Overall, I’d place this at about the same level as the Stamford high tea we did a while ago – a solid 6/10, although I was impressed that they didn’t charge any extra for the gluten-free option. Again, I was disappointed by the lack of attempt at a scone, and the other high teas did look nice., although the reports were that it was a little average. I think that high teas are the “in” thing at the moment and everyone is having a go at them. I’ve heard that SkyCity Orbit is really good for normal high teas, so am going to investigate and see if they have a gluten-free option.


4 thoughts on “Hector’s gluten-free high tea

  1. We tried the Tiffin High Tea at the Langham last weekend. My gluten free tea was everything the gluten one was, but on some of the sweets the fillings came in chocolate rather than pastry cups. This was definitely not a concern! My scones were a little chilly in the middle, possibly they are frozen, but still delicious. A fantastic effort and I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything.

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