Christchurch Airport Gluten-free food – Coffee Culture

Coffee CultureI was in Christchurch recently and on two separate days, was in the airport for a breakfast and a lunch. I was a bit uncertain that I would find anything to eat, as airports can be a bit random. I was delighted when we walked into Coffee Culture to find that I had several options of both sweet and savoury food.

My colleague said that the coffee was good, and I found the hot chocolate very nice. I had sweetcorn fritters for breakfast with very nice field mushrooms. For lunch the next day, I had a savoury loaf/ muffin.

It’s always pleasing to come across a place which caters for the gluten-free amongst us, especially at an airport (Wellington airport is very good because of Wishbone, but Auckland isn’t nearly as gluten-free friendly). I’ll definitely be back to Coffee Culture next time I’m at Christchurch airport.

Koffee Kulture food



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