Ranga’s gluten-free refreshing drinks!

RangaI was lucky enough to be sent some Ranga drinks to try recently. I love Ginger Beer, so when they said they had an alcoholic version, I was keen to see what it was like. They also sent me through some Blackcurrant and Apple Cider and some Lemon Lime and Bitters – all alcoholic versions. I chucked them in the fridge and then we had a ceremonial family tasting.

Our verdict? The Ginger Beer was lovely – refreshing, gingery and nicely flavoured. The cider was extremely drinkable, but a little sweet for my tastes. It was very nice and had a lovely blackcurrant flavour – kind of like fizzy Ribena. The Lemon Lime and Bitters was probably my favourite. We were drinking these in the middle of winter, not the best time, so they lasted for a few weeks! I can’t wait to try these in summer, and think they’ll become a staple in our fridge.

These drinks are also gluten-free, and produced down in Gisborne, my home town, so a double tick in my book!Ranga bottles

Note: I wasn’t paid for this review, but I was sent some free samples to try. Thanks for letting me try them Ranga!


One thought on “Ranga’s gluten-free refreshing drinks!

  1. Hey Lisa,

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the Ranga. The Lemon, Lime and Bitters is my favourite too. Unfortunately Ranga is a little hard to find at the moment, so Countdown is your best spot to find it – in the beer isle.

    Sounds like we might have to send you a 6-PK to try over a summer BBQ. šŸ™‚

    All the best with your blog.

    Bevan and the team at Ranga

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