L’Assiette gluten-free galettes

On a recent girls’ night out, we wandered the Britomart Precinct in downtown Auckland looking for something to eat. It was a Saturday night, and of course being in the CBD was heaving with people. Our first choices of restaurant all had waits of more than an hour and a half and we’re mostly old and a little boring and  didn’t fancy the idea of a really late night. Luckily one of our group remembered a little restaurant called L’Assiette.

From the outside, this looks more like a little cafe than anything else and we weren’t sure it was open for dinner. But we headed on in, and they managed to fit all eight of us at a table. I was delighted to see buckwheat galettes on the menu with the confirmation that they were gluten-free. It was really nice to see a menu item which was just a standard item on the menu. Not a special “we can make this gluten-free” not a “does this have gluten in it” just a standard menu item. Yay!!!

The menu was small, but there was enough variety that we were all very happy with the selection available. I of course ordered one of the galette, because wherever possible, I try and encourage people who make gluten-free things to KEEP making them! This is a smoked salmon and spinach variety and it was incredibly yum!




Service was great, the wine list reasonable, prices very good and we had a lovely evening. If you’re down near Britomart, stop in for a meal!


One thought on “L’Assiette gluten-free galettes

  1. Hi there I have found gallettes advertised as glutenfree at a lot of cafes but on closer examination haven’t been able to eat them as they use the same gallett iron to make all their crepes which are made with normal flour. Just wondering if this cafe had two seperate irons.

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