Pita Pit – oh how I love thee!

I miss Subway. The fresh, sweet smell of bread baking never fails to make my mouth water. Despite my repeated requests, they don’t seem to want to trial gluten-free bread, and to be fair, it would be hard to keep the bread from cross-contamination. So I’ve grown accustomed to not eating at most of the fast food outlets but it can be tricky when I’m travelling for work or helping out during a sports trip. My very helpful kids are all about looking out for gluten-free things for me, and happy day, daughter #2 told me that Pita Pit offer gluten-free pitas! I tried one and it was very good, but I wasn’t watching too closely as they made it, so couldn’t answer for the cross-contamination.

However, we were recently in Mairangi Bay with a team of hungry waterpolo players and we went down to the nearest Pita Pit, the one on Apollo Drive. I ordered my gluten-free pita and watched the process with an eagle eye. I was totally impressed. They changed their gloves before getting out the pita bread and used a different knife which came from a selection of clean knives to cut the pita open. They then put the pita on a piece of greaseproof paper to pas it on to the next stage. The next person also changed their gloves before handling the pita. When the pita was put into the toasting grill, the baking paper stayed around it, so that even if the paper came into contact with gluten on the grill, the pita itself didn’t. Finally, they used a new piece of paper to wrap the pita pocket in.

I’m not sure whether the other Pita Pits around the place are as rigorous as the Mairangi Bay outlet, but I was amazed by the care the staff there took. And do please note that we had 10 starving 14 and 15 year old boys with us so there were a pile of orders to be made up. Full marks Pita Pit, well done to you!

Click on Pita Pit NZ for more details.

Since I posted this a couple of weeks ago, I’ve heard again and again how good Pita Pit is from all sorts of people all over the country! Pleased this isn’t confined to just the Mairangi Bay Pita Pit.

Note: this post was not sponsored in any way by Pita Pit. Also, I can’t talk about the processes used to make the gluten-free pita bread.


6 thoughts on “Pita Pit – oh how I love thee!

  1. The one in Albany (Oteha) is the same. And they always ask me if I would like the salads from the new packets in another fridge. I understand they are both owned by the same people. They get it😃

  2. I’ve had Pita Pit a couple of times now. They do a fantastic job at avoiding cross contamination and have a great understanding of it all. Ans best of all it tastes great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Agree! Pita Pit are awesome. Beware of some of the dressings, they have gluten in them. The staff are good at telling you which fillings/dressings are GF. I too cannot understand why Subway don’t have a wee trial. And MacD’s!

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