Abe’s Gluten-free Bagels – Part 2: Return of the Bagel

Abes bagels

A while ago, Abe’s were kind enough to send me some of their new gluten-free bagels to try out. I talked about them here.

Last year, they contacted me to ask if I’d like to try out their new Six Seed Bagel – gluten-free of course! It took me a while to decide if I wanted to try some new product…about .1 milliseconds…and in due course my bagels arrived.

I like to look at the ingredients and nutritional breakdown nowadays, so here’s that information for you!

Abes bagels ingredients

As with the plain bagels, these come in a three-pack. The gluten-free bagels are smaller than the regular bagels, but still make for a good breakfast. Here’s what they look like with nothing on them – these are just toasted:

Abes bagels plain

Nice and seedy, with the chewy bagel texture just right and the seeds add a little extra flavour. They went very nicely with hummus and plain butter, but would work brilliantly with your favourite bagel topping. I really liked the high fibre content and the fact that they are made in NZ and have no GM ingredients. But really, it’s the taste that’s the best thing!

Abes bagels hummus

What would I change about these? If I was being picky, I would ask Abe’s to cut these in half in the same way they do with their regular bagels. I always forget to do it before I put them in the freezer and then have to defrost them before I can cut them and put them in the toaster. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I really struggle to cut bagels in half easily!

Also, I would have them in more supermarkets, but I guess that’s not really up to Abe’s. I don’t see the regular bagels around often (so always buy a couple of packets when I come across them and chuck them in the freezer) and have yet to come across the Six Seed bagel anywhere.

Note to self: I have no bagels in the freezer, so must remember to pick some up. And this time, cut them in half before I freeze them!

Check out the Abe’s Bagels website for more information.

Note: I wasn’t paid in any way to write this, apart from being sent some bagels to try. In fact, I have taken a shamefully long time to write this review!



2 thoughts on “Abe’s Gluten-free Bagels – Part 2: Return of the Bagel

  1. I ADORE these, I admit. Cream cheese is my favourite topping. I have not seen the new seedy ones here on the West Coast yet, but waiting patiently! Yes I agree, chopping them in half is dodgy, I seem to get wonky sizes most times. And yes I never remember to do it before freezing either!! But they are so yummy I forgive all. I had never tried bagels, even before I Had to go GF about ten years ago, so these have been a revelation.

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