The Unbakery – raw, organic, delicious

20160302_130650I’ve seen this place for weeks now as I walked along Customs Street, and finally went in the other day to see what they had on offer. Turns out most of their sweet things are gluten-free – woohoo!!! And look at these little beauties – brownies, slices, cheesecakes and more! They are all uncooked, organic and really very nice, using unusual ingredients for interesting tastes.

They have all sorts of other food as well – muesli from Little Bird, savoury food and lots of pre-packaged product. Well worth a visit if you’re in Downtown Auckland and looking for a snack.

Just a note, I had a piece of the salted caramel tart. It was lovely, but at $10 a piece, very pricey. The Unbakery will definitely be a “treat” visit shop for me!


Yes, everything in this cabinet is gluten-free!!

The Little Bird Unbakery

14 Customs St E

Auckland CDB


2 thoughts on “The Unbakery – raw, organic, delicious

  1. They also have a cookbook – pretty much all the recipes are gf. I think if you tried to make any of those slices you’d realize the amount of work that goes into them justifies the price.

    • I’m sure you’re quite right Jacqui, merely wanted to alert anyone who went there that some of the items are more than you might normally pay. This is a good reason why! Thanks very much for stopping by and commenting.

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