Cross Eatery – best gluten-free breakfast in Sydney!

Cross EateryOK, so as I can’t claim to have tried every cafe which offers a gluten-free breakfast in Sydney, the title of this post may be somewhat unsubstantiated! However…some of you may have read about my disastrous breakfast experience on morning one of my recent stay in Sydney. On morning two, my colleague suggested we find something on our way to the bus. I strolled along Clarence St and poked my nose into a very large and flash looking café. Cross Eatery is so named after the heritage Red Cross building, the lobby of which they are located in. It’s different from many of the central Sydney cafes in that it has a large floor space and is light and open – giving the impression that it is larger than it is.

The staff were welcoming and when I sat down and asked what they had that was gluten-free, they pointed me towards Nonie’s Roasted Hazelnut muesli with fruit and yoghurt or a coconut rice pudding. I’m not a fan of coconut, so thought I’d try the muesli. As I was talking to them, I discovered that they source as much of their ingredients locally as they can, and aim for fresh and unusual combinations and flavours.

This is what came out.


Healthy, filling, fresh and incredibly tasty. It was so good that even though Cross Eatery had many other gluten-free options for breakfast and lunch, this was my breakfast for the rest of the week.

Highly recommended – great food, lovely staff and excellent service.

Cross Eatery

155 Clarence St

Sydney, NSW 2000

They don’t seem to have a website, but you can find them on Facebook