Go Nuts with Mother Earth Gluten-Free muesli bars

20160215_131930I was doing the weekly shop at Pak n Save this week, and hit the muesli bar aisle. I know they’re full of sugar. but they’re also incredibly convenient. If only all six children liked the SAME bars, my life would be easy. But no. As a result, I have to browse the muesli bar section quite intensely. And what should I see, but these little beauties! Three different flavours of Mother Earth baked muesli bars (one of them is pictured).

The bars look and taste great and have become a staple in my “snack food at work” cupboard, my car glove box and my pantry at home. It’s nice to have a convenient, healthy-ish on the go type of food available.

I’ve put a shot of the ingredients list for those like me who have multiple avoidances, but hope these will be useful for someone else! The best part? They are EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE as the normal muesli bars. Stop.The.Press. Well played Mother Earth, well played!


Obviously I can’t speak for the possible gluten contaminants in the factory, but this is a fantastic start. And I wasn’t paid or bribed in any way to do this review – I had to buy my own bars even!