Where to buy and eat?

Cafes in Auckland

New Gusto, cnr Apollo and Rosedale Roads, Albany. Excellent selection of gluten free menu options as standard, also carry gluten free cakes (normally half a dozen different types) plus packaged items which can be purchased.

Cosset, 1087 New North Road, Mt Albert. Vegan cafe and every item on their menu can be ordered gluten free. The menu is small, but everything we’ve had has been delicious. The home made baked beans are superb. http://cosset.co.nz/

The Library, Onehunga Mall. I keep running across this when I’m researching gluten free eateries and allergen free eating. http://www.librarycafe.co.nz/ I finally went there in July, but sadly was as sick as a dog at the time and didn’t properly look over their menu. I did have some very nice corn fritters though and could see lots of good labelling on the menu. Feedback I’ve had from other gluten-free people (see the comments on this page) is that service and food quality can be a bit iffy depending on the day, and also that there is very little for gluten-intolerant kids, so keep that in mind! I also went for dinner and was sadly disappointed as there was really only one gluten-free option (the corn fritters again and whilst I’ll eat them for breakfast and lunch, dinner is right out). They customised a meal for me with no fuss, but it wasn’t nice to have to work out something I could eat with them. And none of their evening desserts were gluten-free.

The Corner Cafe, 157 Pt Chev Road, Pt Chevalier. Excellent food and lots of options offered GF and well advertised as such.

Parkside, corner of New North Road and Wairere Avenue, right across the road from Rocket Park. A small menu, but food flavours are excellent and well presented. They need to note GF or V on their menus, but otherwise great. An added bonus is that they’re very flexible about making changes, do have gluten-free bread available and tolerate inquisitive small children very well.

The Chip Shop Ltd at 711, Manukau Road, Royal Oak, offers gluten free fish, hot dogs and so on and even cooks these in a separate deep fryer from their gluten offerings. www.thechipshop.co.nz I have eaten here a number of times now and can highly recommend these fish and chips. Note that The Chip Shop is under new management as of November 2013, and I cannot speak to the quality of the new operators. I will make the ultimate sacrifice for you, my readers, and check it out again shortly!

The Foodstore – ok, so not a cafe! But a very good restaurant – refer to my separate review in the Eating Out category. www.thefoodstore.tv

Supermarkets, stockists and so on

The Gluten Free Grocer – Now only online. The novelty of walking into a shop where everything is gluten-free has gone. http://www.glutenfreegrocer.co.nz

Marx Bakery, no longer have an actual shop, although they do have a couple of outlets, one based at 15 Maskell Road in St Helier’s where their shop used to be. They had an excellent range of GF products including such things as tortillas, pizza bases, scones, biscuits and several types of bread. www.marxbakery.co.nz

Pak n Save and New World – both of these carry excellent selections of GF food. The pizza bases are reasonable, they normally carry Burgen, Vogels and Venerdi bread and at least one or two others, have biscuits and component parts. New World Victoria Park in particular has excellent breakfast cereals.

Harvest Wholefoods, 405 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn. HUGE selection of ‘raw’ ingredients – different types of flours, etc as well as a food cabinet with some gluten free produce.

Indian and Thai importers – there’s a number of these. The two I have used most have been Mahadeos, 14 Virginia Ave, Eden Terrace and Thai Food Products, 849 New North Road, Mt Albert. Cheap rice, rice flour, rice noodles and so on, as well as cheaper ground almonds, nuts and spices.

Shahji’s Royal Masala – Marua Road, Ellerslie. Extensive range of gluten-free flour and other products and a very knowledgeable owner make this a very worthwhile visit to Ellerslie. Find them online at www.shahjispices.co.nz

Gluten Free Treets  www.gftreets.co.nz offer donuts, battered fish and mini hotdogs amongst other things. You can order these from I E Produce.

I E Produce for almost all foods gluten free! Find them online at www.glutenfreenz.com (and they get points for having a website with almost the exact same name as my blog :-) ).

Ceres Organics – their products appear in lots of supermarkets now, but they also have an excellent website Ceres Organics Online and their shop at 181 Ladies Mile, Ellerslie, Auckland has a wide range of cooking ingredients, muesli bars and the like. Mostly organic food, but also an extensive gluten-free section and marvellous labelling.

Nosh and Farros dotted around the place both have an excellent gluten-free section. They’re not especially cheap, but have a really good range of products including some of the American flours and mixes.

Scotts Brewing Co, New Zealand’s first gluten free beer, as they proclaim themselves. Based out in West Auckland, they have both an ale and a very nice, citrusy Pale Ale, not dissimilar to a Summer Beer. The Pale Ale was lovely, and a good price at 12 bottles for $22.95 at most supermarkets. They are starting to serve this at some restaurants now, or see their website for stockists  www.scottsbrewing.co.nz

Frillys – online delivery of gluten-free treats – slices, cheesecakes and specialty breads. They also have a gluten-free cafe based in Carterton in the Wairarapa. Find them at http://www.frillys.co.nz/

Elocin Foods – a bakery and shop based in Warkworth which stocks all sorts of gluten-free produce. They also have an online shop. Excellent personal service and some very good gluten-free product. www.elocinfoods.co.nz/

Lavender’s Green – all gluten-free, organic produce with a lemon theme. Lemon and lime curds and cordials, roasted lemon chutney, and excellent fudge. They do farm gate sales, but if you’re not close to their location in the Wairarapa, find them at www.lavendersgreen.co.nz

Gluten Free Store – carrying an excellent selection of very high quality flours and other gluten-free product. Online presence only at www.glutenfreestore.co.nz/


14 thoughts on “Where to buy and eat?

  1. Hi there I’m planning the Waikato coeliac kids club and would love samples for the kids of any kind, the vogels bread is a winner with my four year old and she if the world worst eater as she’s scared she’s going to be sick, so this would be great to pass on to other mums if anyone has any advise for me that would b great, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa

      I would recommend contacting people directly to ask them for samples. Someone like the Gluten-Free Grocer, or the individual manufacturers might be able to assist you. I have review pages on Frillys, Elocin, Lavendar’s Green and a few others which have links to their websites. Good luck! I can only imagine how hard it is to manage a toddler who can’t have gluten.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Have you been to the Gluten Free Made Easy class yet? I went earlier in the year and I have to say it was simply fantastic. I’m the same as you and prefer to be able to make my own food from scratch (and for it to taste good) and I now can as I have learnt to make bread, french sticks, pancakes, foccacia, pasta, rolls, scones, muffins, you name it! Drop Neville and Judy a line and see what you think. http://www.glutenfreemadeeasy.co.nz

  3. Made long drive from the North Shore over to The Library Cafe with 3 kids – one of which is gluten intolerant more than the other 2. Very dissappointing options available to them. Ended up ordering the corn fritters which 2 were happy enough to eat inspite of the chilli but the third has a major issue with chilli. It might be an allergy friendly cafe but not for kids food. Supposely a great cafe in Browns Bay that is gf and the new Palmers store on Greville Rd is completely awesome! You need to go there! There’s always 3 or 4 cakes – which makes a change (not that i can eat them – turns out intolerant to all grains).

    • Sorry to hear about the Library. I’ve only been there once and was sick as a dog, so thought my less than favourable impression was because of that. I did have my small kids with me, but they aren’t allergic to anything so it was no trouble to feed them. I’ll certainly try out the Palmers Cafe on Greville Rd! Thanks so much for the feedback and I’ll update the info on The Library.

      • Interesting about the Library – I have had one successful meal and one not – and both times I ordered the gluten free lasagne (to share with my daughter). Once it was dry and the bottom burnt and had obviously been reheated badly, and the other time it was lovely and tasty. As for being allergy friendly for kids, I agree with Lizabeth, the meals weren’t suited to my little girl (4) either. You also have to be careful if they are busy as we waited for 45 minutes before getting a reheated lasagne one of the times! not good when you have a hungry child.

    • Hi Lorna. Scott’s Brewery (based in Oamaru) sell gluten-free beer nationwide. It used to be available at a lot of New Worlds. Perhaps email them directly or check their website for a list of stockists?

  4. Just been to Jesters in Lunn Ave Auckland. They sell the GF pies in frozen packs but they also have a 7 minute convection heating system which was very handy when you want to eat at the same time as the non GF group. Pie and Pastry was very tasty and they even have a dessert pie GF (William Tell) sadly it has apples so I couldnt try it but worth knowing if you’re looking for a immediate hot meal when in the area!

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